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Dr. Angie Nauman

Denton Texas sleep dentist Doctor Angie Nauman

Dr. Angie Nauman has been a part of the dental field for almost 30 years, and she says that she loves her work as a sleep dentist in Denton because treating people for sleep and breathing problems can literally save someone’s life (as well as their marriage when it comes to snoring!). Born and raised on a century-old family farm in northwest Oklahoma, she has treated thousands of sleep patients for over a decade and loves having the opportunity to help people understand how their sleep is impacting their overall wellbeing. As part of our team, she is grateful she gets to help improve their lives in an impactful and meaningful way.

Credentials & Affiliations

Dr. Nauman started working as a dental assistant while she was a sophomore at John Brown University, and even though she was accepted into the OU College of Dentistry, she couldn’t imagine getting a degree from there because she was a dedicated OSU fan. So, she ultimately graduated from the University of Nebraska School of Dentistry.

Over the decades, she has completed countless hours of continuing education, with many of them dedicated to sleep apnea and airway treatment. Today, she is double-board certified by the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine as well as the American Sleep & Breathing Academy (where she has Diplomat status). She also has certifications to provide myofunctional therapy and Invisalign.

When Not in the Office…

Dr. Nauman’s life is delightfully busy at home for her and her husband, Nate, thanks to their five children and five acres! Most of her “free” time is dedicated to her family and running everyone between their various sports. When they do have a moment to relax, Dr. Nauman and her husband love being outdoors, and you’ll often find them hanging out at the lake, hiking, hosting large gatherings, or just playing with their dogs.